6 - 14 Ton Dumpers

Weberlane Econo-Tilt trailers have been designed to provide you with a more economically priced trailer for mulch, compost, manure, firewood, etc. These trailers are lighter built, with a single tubing framework, 3/16″ floor plate and under-mount piston cylinders. These trailers come equipped with hydraulics and pioneer ends, ready to hook up to your tractor and get to work. Tailgates are standard spring latch, rope release swinging tailgates. If you’re looking for an all purpose, general use dump trailer, let the Econotilt line tilt the scales of value in your favor!

For a heavier built line of trailers, check out our Supertilt line, or call for more detailed specifications.

WL 8ET Low Profile

6ET Deckover

8ET Deckover

12ET Deckover