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WL HDT 18-25

WL HDT 20-33

Industrial Dumpers brochure

Industrial Dumpers brochure


Industrial grade Weberlane Rock Trailers are designed to withstand the rigorous abuse they receive when being loaded with a hoe. They come in a range of 16 feet to 20 feet, in standard 25 ton capacity, or 30 ton with 6″ wheel spindles and 25,000 lb hubs. They boast a heavy duty double 10″ framework, double hoist for added stability, swivel clevis or pintle hitch, and a heavy duty walking tandem. Features on these trailers include:

  • Industrial Flotation Tires
  • Hydraulic ADR brakes
  • 5/8″ floor plating with 1/4″ steel plate sides with option to upgrade to 3/4″ or Hardox floor plating
  • Hydraulic fully opening tailgate
  • Front rock guard extension
  • Heavy duty drop-leg jack with option to upgrade to hydraulic jack


Signal Lights
Industrial Features 1 - signal lights

Flotation Tires
Industrial Features 2 - flotation tires



Articulating Pintle
Industrial Options 1 - articulating pintle

Spring Hitch
Industrial Options 2 - spring hitch

Hydraulic Jack
Industrial Options 3 - hydraulic jack

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