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Aggre Hauler

Aggre Hauler Brochure

Description & Specifications:

Hopper Construction: Slope:        10 Ga. Steel floor at 40 degree slant, lined with ½” UHMW Sides:        10 Ga. Steel sides, curved for better gravel flow Top Rail:    4×4 x.188 square tubing, topped with 2×10 painted wood planks Supports:  Ribbed floor supports and 3×5 x.188 tubing supports Ladder:      Front ladder with non-slip grip tread Tarp:          Air operated swing-over mesh tarp Gate:          20” x 96” gravel opening, operated by 8” air cylinder 10 Ga. Reinforced gate plating Over center safety lock, plus safety / spreader chains  
Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet

Axle Frame: Frame:       14” I-beam Axles:        22,500 lb Eveley axle with all Eveley suspension components ABS:           2S/1M Haldex ABS system Lift:            SPIF #2 compliant with automatic lift steering axle Tires:         11R 22.5-H tires on 10 bolt 22.5 x 8.25 aluminum rims   Miscellaneous: 5th wheel:  3/8” steel plate at 45” height, oscillating with rubber suspension Landing:     Drop leg landing gear Air Ride:     Eveley air ride Flaps:          Weberlane 3/8” mudflaps front and back Fenders:     3/16” aluminum fenders Paint:           Primed & painted with 2K Urethane paint