ATV Series Dump Trailers

ATV Trailers

We know how people drive their 4×4’s. So the Weberlane ATV trailers are designed and built with that in mind. Every Weberlane ATV trailer boasts high speed hubs and bearings, 1000 lb machined spindles, and heavy duty sheet metal construction. These bush buggies come standard with a spring pin release, gravity dump, lift out tailgate, and a 2″ ball coupler, which can be switched out for a standard clevis hitch for a draw pin. All Weberlane products are phosphate washed, then primed and painted with a premium, 2 component, environmentally friendly Guertin top coat.


ATV 340

3' x 4' ATV 
Overall Length: 7'

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ATV 350

3' x 5' ATV
Overall Length: 8'

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ATV 360T

3' x 6' Tandem ATV
Overall Length: 9' 

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Standard Features

Ball Coupler

Knobby Turf Tires

High Speed Hubs & Bearings

Spring Release Dump