Enclosed Trailers

Weberlane Enclosed Cargo trailers are known for their quality components and durable build. The Weberlane line is ideal for contractors and landscapers who are looking for an enclosed trailer a cut above the rest to ensure peace of mind when they’re out on the road on a daily basis, and every moment of downtime would mean loss of profits. That’s why we ensure the Weberlane trailers have a superior all enclosed wiring package for trouble free lighting. 

Our Snow Series trailers maximize useable trailer space while keeping balance and towability in mind for 1/2 ton trucks.

We go where you tow...

Single Axle

Light weight and well balanced, Weberlane Single Axle Trailers are designed for work or play

Tandem Axle

Available in contractor or homeowner grades, Weberlane Tandem Axle Enclosed trailers take your tools or toys where you need to go.

Snowmobile Trailers

Weberlane Snow Trailers feature front and rear ramps for ease of loading and unloading snow machines.

Hybrid Trailers

Hybrid Trailers, while contoured at the front in a typical clam shell sled trailer design, have a standard back end and can double up for other summertime uses.


Available Features & Options

Aluminum Rims


Roof Racks

Sky Light

Blackout Pkg

Want Options? 
We Got You!

Upgrades Pictured:

  • Concession Lift Up Window
  • Black Floor Matt
  • RV Door
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Outdoor Lights
  • 110 Indoor Wiring

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