Livestock Trailers

Our Livestock trailers are exactly what you would expect from Weberlane, heavy duty construction and utility you can’t beat.

StockHolder livestock trailers are equipped with full swing door w/slider, mid trailer stock gate, and front escape door. The rugged steel frame is protected in the front by a stainless steel apron to prevent corrosion from road spray and stone chips. The heavy duty 68″ rear door includes a handy slider and spring loaded latch for easy opening and closing to fit all your loading situations. A sturdy steel mid trailer stock gives you the shipping options you need. The front escape door is also constructed to provide you with years of trouble free service. The rugged shock proof lights are wired in the frame for added protection and peace of mind.

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12' Single Axle
Payload: 3099 lbs

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12' Tandem Axle
Payload: 4598 lbs

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15' Tandem Axle
Payload: 3997 lbs

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Heavy Duty Construction
               ​Livestock Trailers