1 - 5 Ton Dumpers

Built with the same quality and durability as our full size Super-Tilt trailers, these small but mighty trailers can handle the tough loads from 1-4 tons. Designed for smaller tractors, their compact size makes them perfect for getting into places larger trailers can’t.

Econotilt Trailers

Economically priced trailers for mulch, compost, manure, firewood, etc, the Econotilt dump trailer line has been designed for you. These trailers are lighter built, with a single tubing framework, 3/16″ floor plate and under-mount piston cylinders.

Supertilt Trailers

Heavy duty trailers for construction or industrial grade use, fence line clean-up, or gravel and rock pickup. These trailers boast a heavy duty, low maintenance, front mount mast cylinder. The main framework is of a double beam construction, and the floor plating comes standard at 1/4″.