Gravel Trailers

Industrial grade Weberlane Gravel Trailers are designed to withstand the abusive wear and tear of day in and day out gravel hauling. This gravel dumper product line begins with the popular WL12 ST2010: a handy around the farm or construction site, universal 14 ton dump trailer which is a good match up for any 80 to 100 horsepower farm tractor. They increase in size to include a range of dump trailers up to 23 ton load capacity. They boast a heavy duty double tubing framework, double under-mount cylinders of single front mount mast hoist, cross members on 12″ centers, swivel clevis or pintle hitch, and a heavy duty walking tandem.

WL12 ST2010

14 Ton Capacity
7 1/2' x 12' box with 3' sides

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18 Ton Hoist  Capacity
7 1/2' x 15' deck with 3' sides

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21 Ton Hoist Capacity
7 1/2' x 18' deck with 3' sides

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