Aluminum Trailers

The Weberlane Agricultural line covers all your dump trailer needs for off road use. The line-up starts with the 1 – 5 ton dumpers, designed for use with small compact tractors and lawn and garden equipment. Equipped with turf tires, these trailers are meant to make your gardening tasks easier. For those wanting to tow these trailers behind ATV’s, RTV’s, small lawn tractors, or other vehicles not equipped with the hydraulic systems, a 12 volt electric power pack can be purchased to turn these dump trailers into self contained units.

Large estates, golf course construction, and the farming sector need trailers with enough capacity and durability to keep up with the demands of maintaining and developing a large property. The 6-14 ton category includes dump trailers which are ideal for general use around the farm. These tried and proven trailers are designed for the 60 to 80 hp tractor range.

Our agricultural line is completed with the stock holder trailers for hobbies and cattle farmers alike, and the high capacity grain and forage trailers. These large Supertilts perform equally well, whether you need a grain trailer or wagon for your commodities, a compost or manure trailer, or a snow removal trailer.