Our History

Weberlane Manufacturing is a family owned business, manufacturing trailers near Listowel, Ontario. The business started over 30 years ago in a small shop north of Kitchener/Waterloo, near Elmira. The first trailers we manufactured were sturdy, heavy duty farm dump trailers, and the business was entirely geared towards agricultural products. 

With the basic, no nonsense style of the dump trailers, coupled with the quality workmanship, these trailers soon became a booming success all over Ontario. For years, these 6 and 8 ton Weberlane Supertilts were the trailer of choice for farmers needing an all-purpose dump trailer around the farm. In fact they were so popular, that these same models are still available today, thirty years later, with very little design change, and interchangeable parts. 

As the farming operations grew, the trailers grew as well. Now the farm, industrial and commercial trailers are built from 6 ton up to 30 ton capacity. 

In 1990 the current owners moved the manufacturing operations to the Listowel area and before long saw the opportunity to expand into the residential and light commercial line as well. Today a full line of highway trailers is manufactured here, from utility trailers to dump trailers, open trailers and enclosed, flat deck trailers and equipment trailers, as well as a broad selection of specialized trailers like the Weberlane Roll-Off system, the drop deck EZE-Lift and the grape dumpers and other vineyard products. 

Weberlane strongly believes in delivering only quality products, and that means a careful selection process of what sub components we use as well. Whenever possible, we use all American made components, like the quality Dexter axles, the 12V power pack systems, or European designs like the state of the art ADR braking systems on our industrial series. Weberlane trailers are distributed across North America through a vast dealer network, to provide these quality trailers as close to your doorstep as possible. Please call us to find a dealer nearest to you, or if you have custom design requirements filled to your needs, contact us directly to discuss a solution to your trailer needs today.