Dumping Trailers

Contractor Level Dump trailers are built with heavy duty construction to match the needs of professionals using these trailers day after day. The heavy gauge 3/16″ steel floor plating ensures the dump trailer floor will not warp or bend under heavy use. The dual piston undermount cylinders provide absolute stability while dumping. Contractor dump trailers come in both “LP” low profile designs, with the bed tucked down low between the fenders, or the traditional deckover the wheels style to provide a better pile when dumped, and a narrower overall width. Interior strung wiring is standard on Weberlane trailers, to provide long lasting, trouble free wiring, whether it’s used in the summer time, or the winter time with its adverse conditions of snow, ice and slush. 

The Weberlane Estate level of dump trailers were designed to give regular home owners an affordable alternative to shoveling off their load! Single axle dump trailers and Estate level tandem axle dumpers, were designed for the less strenuous use and built for a lighter overall trailer weight than the comparable size contractor series dump trailers.

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Contractor Low Profile Dumpers


DWL 1072LP


Available Features:

Shielded Roll Tarp

Dexter Axles

Slide In Ramps