Single Axle Enclosed Trailers

Weberlane Enclosed Cargo trailers are known for their quality components and durable build. The Weberlane line is ideal for contractors and landscapers who are looking for an enclosed trailer a cut above the rest to ensure peace of mind when they’re out on the road on a daily basis, and every moment of downtime would mean loss of profits. That’s why we ensure the Weberlane trailers have a superior all enclosed wiring package for trouble free lighting. 

Steel Estate Cargo Trailers:

Single Axle Estate Level Enclosed Trailers are light weight and budget friendly trailers built to work for you in a variety of uses! Whether you're hauling a quad or simply looking for extra storage space. The Estate level trailers are built tough enough for the task at hand, yet designed in a way to be as light and easy to tow as possible, for the best possible price!


5' x 8' Single Axle
Payload: 1950 lbs

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5' x 10' Single Axle
Payload: 1850 lbs

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5' x 12' Single Axle
Payload: 1750 lbs

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6' x 8' Single Axle
Payload: 1870 lbs

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