Tilt Deck Trailers

The Weberlane hydraulic Tilt and Load trailer is anything but a letdown! The integrated ramp and engineered low-profile design come together to provide a gentle angle that is easier and safer to load and unload. Whether you’re hauling your pride and joy, or shipping cargo for a client, Weberlane’s tilt deck trailers will make loading and unloading a little easier. Integrated heavy duty tie-downs and a sturdy standard front stop rail, make it a capable and versatile hauler. The electric-powered hydraulics ease the deck into loading and travel positions without jarring the cargo. Weberlane hydraulic tilt trailers come in both low deck and deckover styles with standard power up and power down features to ensure easy, trouble free loading, no matter your center of gravity or the number of pieces of equipment. Standard builds are 14 feet, 16 feet, 18 feet, and 3-1/2 ton heavy duty car trailers, however 5 ton, 6 ton and 7 ton models are also built for a heavier duty trailer for loading agricultural and industrial equipment such as Bobcats, mini hoes, scissor lifts and Genie booms.

WL 1400 TL

WL 1600 TL